Vanguard Legal Group is the premier Estate Planning Law Firm serving Roseville. We specialize in California estate planning, tax planning, and business planning.

At Roseville’s Vanguard Legal Group, we are committed to helping residents be better prepared for their futures. We believe you should have an experienced estate planning attorney¬†available to assist you in planning for your future. We have offices in Elk Grove and Roseville to serve you, so contact us today.

Vanguard Legal Group provides a wide variety of services including:
  • Estate Planning
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Business Planning and more!

Estate Planning has never been easier with Vanguard Legal Group.

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services offered:

Living Trusts

Our living trust package includes a will, trust, health care directive and all other elements needed to protect your future.

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Advanced Planning

Advanced estate planning goes beyond the basic will and trust. Our attorneys will evaluate your situation to determine if advanced planning is right for you.

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Business Planning

If you own your own business, are your documents properly maintained? Are you prepared if you were to pass away or become incapacitated? Our attorneys can evaluate your situation to determine your needs.

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