The team at Vanguard Legal Group in Rancho Bernardo bring together the best in estate planning and tax planning as well as financial and business planning.

The Rancho Bernardo location of Vanguard Legal Group serves as Headquarters for thirty California estate planning offices. We know that taking care of your family, finances and healthcare are vitally important pieces of your future. We are the largest preparers of Wills & Trusts in California and we can help you too.

We offer a variety estate planning services including:

  • Living Trusts
  • Wills
  • Health Care Directives
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Business Planning

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services offered:

Living Trusts

The foundation of all estate planning involves establishing a Trust. A properly constructed and funded trust eliminates the potential process of Probate and has significant tax advantages.

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Advanced Planning

Advanced Estate Planning can include methods of tax saving, wealth accumulation and avoiding estate taxes in the future. There are several options in this area, which is why it is important to meet at least every three years with a highly-qualified attorney.

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Business Planning

Every business is uniquely different. It is essential that each business owner carefully have their business evaluated, as well as their personal situation, if they are to effectively accomplish their Estate Planning goals.

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