Estate planning with Vanguard Legal Group, PC will help you properly prepare for the time when you are no longer with us. Through proper estate planning, you can eliminate uncertainties over the administration of your estate and reduce taxes and other expenses.

Benefits of Estate Planning
  • Eliminates Probate. It eliminates the need to go through Probate, which is mandated if you don’t have a Trust. Probate is a legal proceeding that can take years and costs thousands of dollars. It also freezes the assets and makes everything public, often presenting the worst possible scenario.
  • Guarantees Control. It ensures that you control who gets what and who is in charge of what, instead of a judge or bureaucrat making that decision. It also helps eliminate conflict within the family. This doesn’t just apply to financial areas; it determines who will care for your minor children or grandchildren if you are unable to do so.
  • Control of Healthcare Decisions. In the event you become sick or incapacitated, you will choose who will make your medical decisions for you.

Vanguard Legal Group, PC understands the complexities of California estate planning. That is why when you work together with us to create your comprehensive Trust Package, you receive everything you need to ensure you and your family are protected. With a Vanguard Legal Group, PC trust, you will receive not only a trust, but all the documentation you need to protect yourself.

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