Advanced estate planning goes beyond planning for what happens to your assets upon your death. It includes tax planning, asset protection, planning for any disabled beneficiaries, creating charitable foundations or trusts, and so much more.

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Asset Protection

Often, particularly in California, people own investment real estate. Properly structuring the ownership of these investment properties is critical in protecting the assets of the individual. Otherwise, everything you own personally could be at risk. In addition, there are possible tax issues that need to be addressed to protect you. All of these areas must and can be effectively addressed by the Vanguard Legal Group, PC.

‘Special Needs’ Trusts

There can be special needs in a family or other family dynamics that require special attention. Whether it be a child or grandchild with special needs, a blended family, a substance abuse issue, concerns about a child’s married partner, or creditor protection, each family has its own special circumstances. At the Vanguard Legal Group, we confidentially review all these special needs thoroughly, together with you, providing the legal guidance to protect yourself and your family and have your wishes carried out in the proper manner.

Inheritance Trusts

Many people have sizable investments in Independent Retirement Annuities (IRA’s) and 401(k) plans from their employment. They wish to protect their families from creditors and predators or spendthrift spouses, maintain control of those investments while they are alive, and provide financial benefits to future generations. The Vanguard Legal Group, PC knows how to make that happen, as you wish it to.

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