If you die without a Trust, the State of California will determine who will care for your minor children. For most people, the idea of putting their children through that additional trauma and possibly having them be placed in the California State Foster Care System after the crisis and trauma of a parent’s death, seems downright inhumane.

Vanguard Legal Group, where you’re treated like family, can keep this devastating event from happening. The reason we only specialize in the custom drafting of Wills & Trusts is because our primary goal is to protect you, your family and everything you’ve worked so hard for. In cases of unexpected tragedy, we will provide you with the legal documents to:

  • Clearly designate who YOU want to be long term guardians of your minor children
  • Keep children out of temporary foster care during an already traumatic crisis
  • Allocate resources for their long term care
  • Protect their inheritances

Without designating the individual or individuals tasked with this responsibility, any family member can make an equal claim to care for orphaned children. For many of us, our family is the most important thing in our lives. A complete Trust package ensures that your family is cared for and protected at all times.