Don’t Forget Fido when Estate Planning: Including Your Pet in Estate Planning

Having an estate plan in place is critical to ensure your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones are provided for when you pass away. While the creation of a living trust can resolves a number of legal and financial questions, sometimes people do not consider their pets.

Many people overlook their pets in their estate plan because they assume they will outlive the pet, but as one reaches his or her 70s and beyond, that is less likely to happen. The assumption of outliving a pet can and often result in your furry friend ending up in an animal shelter or being taken by a family member that may not want him.

When someone dies, it can take some time to iron out details, so it’s important to have a temporary plan for your pet. When it comes to long term care, having a formalized plan will ensure the pet will be cared for in a loving home and with trusted people. In some cases, clients of Vanguard Legal Group have left money specifically for the care of their pets. If this is something you would like to consider, please contact your attorney to make sure your furry friend is loved even after your gone.


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