Vanguard Legal Group provides estate planning law, tax planning, financial advising and business planning in Cerritos.

At Vanguard Legal Group we are committed to helping Cerritos residents be better prepared for their futures. We believe in the power of education which is why we travel throughout California, including many times throughout the year in Cerritos, teaching people the power of estate planning.

We know that having an attorney close to your home or business is important so you can save valuable time for what matters to you. We have served as the premier estate planning law firm in Cerritos for many years and we look forward to working with you.

Find out how Vanguard Legal Group can help you plan for your future through proper estate planning and business planning.

We service any range of estate planning needs from basic wills and trusts to advanced estate planning. We also provide business planning services to ensure your protected in all areas of your life.

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services we offer:

Living Trusts

A living trust is extremely important to ensure you and your family are protected from probate, and is essential for protecting your privacy.

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Advanced Planning

Advanced estate planning goes beyond living trusts. Our estate planning experts will review your personal situation to determine if you could benefit from more advanced estate planning services.

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Business Planning

It’s important to remember your business when estate planning. We can help you outline a plan for when you pass away to ensure you leave the legacy you want.

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